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I grew up in Baltimore, MD and had the benefit of being in proximity to some of the world’s finest cultural hubs – Washington, New York, Philadelphia.  As a youth I developed a love and admiration for performance and visual art.  When I was a young adult, I began to both draw and study photography at Johns Hopkins University in the adult education division.  At the same time I was earning a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and that pursuit became my professional career.  I retired from the practice of psychotherapy and followed a life long dream of riding horses, and trained to became a competitive equestrian.  Both of those endeavors sparked my creativity.  My nonfiction horse stories have been published in several equestrian journals, horse photographs and art magazines.  Equestrian matters initially dominated my photographic interest, but more recently I have expanded to other genres. 


My photographs have been exhibited in numerous online galleries, published in Art Ascent, Photoplace Gallery and Dodho books, and on display in person at Las Laguna Gallery, Church Street Gallery, Studio 659, and PH21 Gallery.


I recently received a Certificate in Digital Photography from Cornell University.

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